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Railroad contractors want more capacity, more room and more speed from equipment. Swingmaster is improving 3 machines this year to meet market demand.
A 25,000lbs lift and carry capacity machine in development and will be available 4th quarter 2013.  A machine with this capacity will be able to pick the heaviest railbound machines on and off the rail.  The potential of clearing the way with a swingloader will put Swingmasters in a new light.
The Swingmaster Railbrush has been very popular with its customers.  New improvements made to the Railbrush will allow it to perform at double the speed of the existing model.  The 2013 Railbrush will be off the drawing board and tested this quarter.  
Swingmaster's 10,000lb lift capacity unit the 181TC will now be called the 181LTC.  All 181's will now come with a Large Tilt Cab.  The 3-4 man crew cab will improve operator comfort and functionality of the unit as a true maintenance vehicle.
Swingmaster was founded in 1985 to provide customers with Swing Loaders after the Pettibone Chicago plant closed.  Since then Swingmaster has continually developed unique products for the construction and maintenance of railroads.   
If you would like to place an order or for more information on these products contact Swingmaster via email or call 847-451-1224 and ask for Gil.