SM Best-In-Class CNC Machine Shop

Swingmaster offers a Full-Service Best-In-Class CNC Machine Shop in which CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines are used extensively in our manufacturing process which uses automated, high-speed cutting tools to form designs from metal or plastic stock material. Our CNC machines include 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling machines, lathes, and routers.  We employ both the latest CNC technology, as well as highly skilled professionals to manufacture our machine replacement parts on-time and on-budget.  We offer several different types of CNC Machine Services which include:

CNC Milling:

Our CNC Milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses 3-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes to cut both metal and plastic blocks into final parts. Our CNC milling machines come in a variety of sizes and different axis configurations. There are several advantages of using CNC Milling which include rapid turnaround, high precision tolerances, and scalability, and material selection.

CNC Turning:

Our CNC Turning is a subtractive manufacturing process that rotates a metal rod while a cutting tool is held against the stock to remove material and create final parts. Our CNC lathes are also equipped with live tooling that can machine flat features and holes into the workpiece.  There are several advantages of using CNC Turning which include rapid prototyping and low-to-high volume production runs.

These are some of the SM Replacement Parts which are all manufactured in our facility and include:

SM Replacement Parts:

  • Cylinders (Pulling Cylinders, Claw Cylinders, Vibrator Cylinders etc.)
  • Workheads
  • Maintenance-Free Axle Assemblies
  • Lower Tray Heads
  • Enclosure Kits
  • Vibrators
  • And much more. . .
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