Swingmaster Spike Trayheads with Replaceable Wear Plates

    • Replaceable wear components allow for replacement of wear surfaces without complete removal of tray from workhead.

    • Improved material increases life of trays; no chipping of carbide tiles or catastrophic failure.

    • Redesign of spike transition increases life of high wear area.

    • Relocation of metal support by spike tray allows for better access and visibility to spikes located in trayheads.

Swingmaster Tie Manager STM

    • Improvement to overall operating costs and long term reliability, as the machine is equipped with a 74 hp NON DEF, TIER 4 FINAL, Cummins power unit. The following features maximize the smaller HP density, resulting in a lowered daily operating cost.

    • Tight control over the HP demands on the engine by creating a separate APU for the cab AC, hydraulic oil cooling and machine braking.

    • Fine control of the work and propel functions, achieved with SM programmed PLUS+1 main control valve and pump.

    • Telescopic jib boom results in an improved reach diagram.

    • Equipped with FAIL SAFE spring applied, hydraulic released brakes. No need to maintain a pneumatic system. Each wheel has an individual spring brake cylinder, improving redundancy and overall safety for the operator.

    • Unmatched operator control station with 12” touch display, loaded with customizable operator features to improve efficiency.

    • Plus+1 system provides full point-to-point diagnostics, aiding in troubleshooting and maximizing machine uptime.

    • Upgraded operator cab comfort, with ducted heating, cooling, and defrost throughout. The integrate and fully enclosed, hydraulically driven AC unit minimizes maintenance.

Swingmaster Rail Threader SRT

  • Dual operator station allows for complete control from either side of the machine. This gives the operator a clear view of the rail being threaded.
  • Advanced Rail Manipulating Head allows for complete control of rail threading operation.
  • Rail canting feature allows for threading rail into curve block plates in one operation through mechanically rolling the rail.
  • Boom swing stop disallows the ability to foul the adjacent track’s Plate C, allowing work to continue with a live adjacent track.
  • Short wheelbase allows for quick on and off the rail deployment of the machine.
  • Eliminates specially trained crane operators and recertification of crane.

Model D-925 Dual Railbrush

The Swingmaster Dual Rail Brush removes oxidation and carbon deposits from running surfaces of both rails to ensure proper track signal operation of crossing gates

The Swingmaster Rail Brush is equipped with a hydraulic power unit to operate 2 self adjusting rail brushes. This unit can be towed by any type of hirail equipment and performs best at speeds of 15-20 mph


Swingmaster Panel Cart

  • Ability to transport sections of panel with hi-rail excavator
  • Compact size facilitates storage and makes transporting simple
  • Rebuildable axle bearings makes repairs easy and extends work life


Swingmaster Vibrator Cart – Self Propelled

  • Self propelled operation for increased control of distance between heated location of rail and vibrating location which increases production rate of stress reduction process
  • Remotely operate with wireless controller’
  • Dual vibrators allowing for vibration of either rail without rotating machine
  • Spring applied, hydraulically released brake applies automatically if the machine gets out of range of the remote
  • Quick disconnect of propulsion chain aids in transition between tow and work mode
  • Tier 4 final engine

Swingmaster Stepmaster Ladder

  • Easily and safely get on and off work train
  • Simple rail jaw clamps to work train rail
  • Foldable bottom step allows the step to be used in various rail environments
  • Aluminum construction makes the ladder lightweight and easy to transport, store, and deploy
  • Foldable construction aids in storage simplicity

Swingmaster Spike Puller Workhead

Heavy-duty workhead construction reduces wear and increases workhead life. Electronic claw arm control allows operators to be more productive by reducing cycle time.

Cab Enclosure Kit for Spike Driving Machines

  • Four pivoting spike trays MINIMIZE cab openings which GREATLY IMPROVES air conditioner, heater, and cab pressurizer effectiveness
  • Meets OSHA silica requirements, ELIMINATING the need for the operators to wear respirators
  • Vertical pivot of spike trays MAXIMIZES distance between operator’s knees and end of spike tray
  • Horizontal pivot and offset of spike trays IMPROVES visibility of work area over stock spike trays
  • Quick change poly carbonate cab enclosure window PROTECTS operators from outside, environmental hazards and noise
  • Cab enclosure kit is a field install and requires MINIMAL modifications to existing machines

Maintenance-Free Axle Assemblies

  • Maintenance free axle bearings. No lubrication required
  • Axle solid spacers standard which eliminates axle translation
  • Precision manufacturing tolerances eliminate premature axle failure
  • Internal manufacturing allows for short lead times for assemblies and components
  • Custom axles available for all rail equipment upon request

Replacement Parts

As a complete manufacturer Swingmaster supplies all replacement parts and attachments for all year model Speed Swings. Swingmaster maintains a rental fleet of Pettibones and Swingmasters. We have an inventory of over 1 million dollars of spare parts and attachments in stock. All of our axles, hydraulic cylinders, cabs, pins and bushings are manufactured and machined in house. That means the shortest lead-time in the industry for spare parts.


Swingmaster Rebuild 181R

  • Swingmaster can rebuild your old Speedswings, Pettibones or Swingmaster equipment with updated body style, valves and controls. Save money and rebuild your older equipment.


Swingmaster Model 361 Swing Cab Swingloader


  • 20,000 pound lift and carry capacity
  • 360° swing


  • GVW 50,000 lbs.
  • Length 222”| Width 101″ | Height 140”


Swingmaster Model SL180-20 Swingloader


  • 20,000 pound lift and carry capacity
  • 180° swing (90° each side of center)


  • GVW 54,000 lbs. with hirail gear
  • Length 243” | Width 102” | Height 136”


Swingmaster Model SL180-13 Swingloader


  • 13,000 pound lift and carry capacity
  • 180° swing (90° each side of center)


  • GVW 40,000 lbs. with hirail gear
  • Length 220”| Width 102″ | Height 136”
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