Swingmaster Tie Manager STM

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Swingmaster Tie Manager Tie Crane
  • Improvement to overall operating costs and long term reliability, as the machine is equipped with a 74 hp NON DEF, TIER 4 FINAL, Cummins power unit. The following features maximize the smaller HP density, resulting in a lowered daily operating cost.
  • Tight control over the HP demands on the engine by creating a separate APU for the cab AC, hydraulic oil cooling and machine braking.
  • Fine control of the work and propel functions, achieved with SM programmed PLUS+1 main control valve and pump.
  • Telescopic jib boom results in an improved reach diagram.
  • Equipped with FAIL SAFE spring applied, hydraulic released brakes. No need to maintain a pneumatic system. Each wheel has an individual spring brake cylinder, improving redundancy and overall safety for the operator.
  • Unmatched operator control station with 12” touch display, loaded with customizable operator features to improve efficiency.
  • Plus+1 system provides full point-to-point diagnostics, aiding in troubleshooting and maximizing machine uptime.
  • Upgraded operator cab comfort, with ducted heating, cooling, and defrost throughout. The integrate and fully enclosed, hydraulically driven AC unit minimizes maintenance.
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