Model 181LTC Swingloader



  • 10,000 pound lift and carry capacity
  • 180° swing (90° each side of center)


  • GVW 34,000 lbs. with hirail gear
  • Length 207” | Width 97-3/8″ | Height 130”
Engine Make Cummins
Max. Horsepower 168 @ 1900 rpm
Peak Torque (Foot-Pounds) 540 @ 1500 rpm
Governed RPM 2300 rpm
Torque Converter
Stall Multiplication Ratio 1.932:1.00
Drive Offset
Drive Ratio 0.965:1.00
Pump Drive Ratio 0.951:1.00
Oil Filler Remote mounted
Type “Six Speed” Power Shift
Number of Drive Gear Ratios 3
Number of Gear Ranges 2
Axle Disconnect Rear Axle
Clutch Cutout Standard
Wheels and Tires
Tires 14.00 x 24
Standard Wheels Single dish, 10 W Rim inside to inside of tires 65 inches (Loaded Section)
Optional Wheels Dual dish, 8 TG or 10 W Rim inside to inside of tires 75 inches (loaded section)
Steering System
Type Rigid Frame with Steerable Axles
Control Full power Hydraulic
Selectable Modes 4 Wheels, Crab, Front Only and Rear Only
Turning Radius (Curb Clearance) 20 feet 6 inches
Cylinders Double acting, 4″bore, 7.63″ stroke, chrome plated piston rods.
Service Brake System
Type Outboard Style Single Caliper Disc Brakes
Disc Diameter 19 in
Location Axle Wheel Ends
Actuation Dual Circuit System Air over Hydraulic
Control Foot control in Cab
Parking Brake System
Type Mechanical Drum
Diameter 10 in
Width 2 in
Location Transmission Output Yoke
Actuation Cable
Control Over center lever in cab
Electrical System
Voltage 12 V
Alternator Output 160 A
Standard Gauges Air Pressure
Torque Converter Pressure
Engine Oil Pressure
Engine Water Temperature
Fuel Tank Level
Torque Converter Oil Temperature
Battery 1900 Cold Cranking Amps with Disconnect Switch
Engine Air Intake System
Type Dry, Two Stage (Centrifugal Precleaner, Paper Main Element)
Restriction Indicator Standard, Mounted alongside air cleaner
Fuel System
Tank Capacity 43 gal
Filters Spin on Primary Strainer and Spin on Secondary Filter
Hydraulic System
Reservoir 75 Gallon Removable Hydraulic Tank with Removable Cleanout Cover and Pad Lockable Filler/breather
Suction Strainers 100 Mesh Strainers Mounted in the Hydraulic Tank on Each Pump Suction Line
Primary Pump Double section gear type, direct driven from accessory drive on torque converter. Supplies oil flow for Boom, Attachment, and Hi-rail functions.
Secondary Pump Double section vane type, direct driven from accessory drive on torque converter. Supplies oil flow for Steering and Remote controls.
Control Valves
Primary Two spool, hydraulic pilot operated with manual override
Secondary Five spool, hydraulic pilot with manual override
Controls Low Effort Hydraulic Remote Controls for Boom Lift, Boom Swing, Attachment Tilt, and Auxiliary Attachment Function, with Manual Override on Control Valves.
Boom Lift 2 Double acting 6″ bore x 23.25″ stroke with Hydraulic Holding Valves
Attachment Tilt 1 Double acting 6″ bore x 25.5 stroke with Hydraulic Holding Valves
Filters Return Line Cartridge Type, 10 micron nominally rated element with Magnetic Element
Swivel 9 Port Hydraulic
Swing Drives Systems
Type Drive Cylinder, Chain and Sprocket
Rotation 180 degrees (90 degrees each side of center)
Speed Equivalent to 3.5 rpm
Machines General Dimensions
Weight 34,000 lbs with Hi-rail
Chassis Length 207 in
Chassis Width 97 3/8 in
Height 130 in
Max. Travel Speeds (MPH on Rubber Tires)
Forward and Reverse+ Low Range High Range
1st 1.5 4.5
2nd 3.5 10
3rd 10 28
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