Swingmaster Spike Puller Workhead

  • A-Frame pulling workhead assembly over each rail, for single rail or dual rail operation
  • Heavy-duty Claw Arms allow for the use of interchangeable puller tools for handling Line Spikes, Anchor Spikes, and the optional Lewis Bolt or Hairpins
  • Heavy-duty workhead parallel shaft and bushing design allows for unprecedented smooth and robust movement during workhead spotting and pulling operations. This allows the operators to be more productive by reducing the cycles necessary during the work period
  • Heavy-duty workhead construction reduces wear and increases workhead life. The workheads have the ability to be rebuilt to like new condition
  • Electronic claw arm cab controls allow individual selection of the claw arms. This allows for independent control of inside and outside claw arms for improved pulling operation around joint bars, switches, frogs, and reduces unneeded wear on components
  • Cab controlled workhead power lock-ups standard
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