Leader in the industry

Swingmaster was started in 1985 by Dan A. Grammatis. Mr. Grammatis was employed by Pettibone Corporation from 1962 until 1985. He started as an assembler and when he left Pettibone his position was Plant Manager in charge of all manufacturing and assembly of the Mobile Equipment which included the Speedswing line.

In January of 1986 the Chicago Pettibone plant closed and filed bankruptcy. This was a great opportunity for Mr. Grammatis to put together a work force of former Pettibone employees to begin the Swingmaster Corporation.

Mr. Grammatis has the best of the best qualified people from Pettibone with many of them having over 20 years experience in the speedswing product line.

Swingmaster employs 30 plus people which many have over 40 years of experience.

Swingmaster takes great pride in the building of their Swingmaster products and our Customer is always first.

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