As a complete manufacturer Swingmaster supplies all replacement parts and attachments for all year model Speed Swings.  Swingmaster maintains a rental fleet of Pettibones and Swingmasters.  We have an inventory of over 1 million dollars of spare parts and attachments in stock.  All of our axles, hydraulic cylinders, cabs, pins and bushings are manufactured and machined in house.  That means the shortest lead-time in the industry for spare parts.

Replacement Parts available for Swingmaster Model:

  • Model 181
  • Model 181TC
  • Model 361
  • Model SL 180-13
  • Model SL 180-20

Replacement Parts available for Pettibone Speed Swing Model:

  • 441B
  • 441C
  • 441D
  • 445
  • 445E
  • 360
  • Carmover 250
  • Carmover 300

Swingmaster has a complete line of used Speed Swings and Swingmasters for lease or  for purchase.  If you have an old speed swing and want to trade that in for a new one, we can give you a quote on that as well.

Swingmaster also re-manufactures Speed Swings and Swingmasters for class one railroads and contractors.

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