360RTC-20 - 20,000lb lift and carry capacity
360RTC-25 - 25,000lb lift and carry capacity
360RTC-35 - 35,000lb lift capacity with outriggers

Lifting Capacity20000 Pound
Carrying Capacity20000 Pound
MainframeWelded construction of structural steel shapes and plates.
Heavy Duty Railroad AxlesHeavy Duty Ribbed, Two drive steer axles with planetary type gear reduction at wheel ends.
Drive System ControlsAir foot throttle and hand operated electric controls for direction, gear, range, and axle disconnect.
Suspension SystemRear Axle Oscillates 15 degrees on each side of center. Hydraulic lockout system stops oscillation for over the side lifting and High Rail use.
Engine Exhaust SystemLow Restriction, Muffler and Tail Pipe Extension
Engine Cooling SystemDownflow Radiator and Blower Fan
Compressed Air System12 CFM Compressor Belt Driven from Engine Power Take Off
Operator CabResilient Mounted ROPS Cab with Defroster Fan, Windshield Wipers, Adjustable Seat, Two Doors with Sliding Windows, Interior Light, and Outside Rear View Mirror.
Boom TurntableLarge Diameter Ball Bearing with Swing Lock Pin
Boom ConstructionOne piece welded design of steel plate and shapes
Standard Equipment4-Wheel Air Over Hydraulic Brakes
4-Wheel Drive with Rear Axle Disconnect
4-Wheel Power Steering
12 Volt Battery with Disconnect
16-25 Tires on Single Dish Wheels
Adjustable Seat
Air Horn
Back-up Alarm
Cab Heater
Defroster Fan
Diesel Engine
Dome Light
Dry Type Air Cleaner
Electric Starting
Enclosed Rops Cab
Engine Compartment Side Panels
Hydraulic Filter Condition Indicator
Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gage
Locks on All Tanks and Tool Box
one Function Attachment Hydraulics
Planetary Axles
Power Shift Transmission
Quick Disconnect Hydraulic System Diagnostic Check Points
Rear View Mirror
Tail and Stop Lights
Torque Converter
Turntable Lock
Engine MakeCummins
Max. Horsepower190 @ 2300 rpm
Peak Torque (Foot-Pounds)482 @ 1400 rpm
Governed RPM2300 rpm
Torque Converter
Stall Multiplication Ratio1.82:1.00
Drive Ratio0.965:1.00
Pump Drive Ratio0.951:1.00
Oil FillerRemote mounted
Type"Six Speed" Power Shift
Number of Drive Gear Ratios3
Number of Gear Ranges2
Axle DisconnectRear Axle
Clutch CutoutStandard
Wheels and Tires
Tires16.00 R 25 (** Strength index)
Standard WheelsSingle dish 11.25-2 Rim 65 inches inside to inside of Tires (Loaded Section)
Steering System
TypeRigid Frame with Steerable Axles
ControlFull power Hydraulic
Selectable Modes4 Wheels, Crab, Front Only and Rear Only
Turning Radius (Curb Clearance)17 feet 10 inches
Service Brake System
TypeOutboard Style Single Caliper Disc Brakes
Disc Diameter19 in
LocationAxle Wheel Ends
ActuationDual Circuit System Air over Hydraulic
ControlFoot control in Cab
Parking Brake System
TypeMechanical Drum
Diameter13 in
LocationFront Axle Input Shaft
ActuationSpring Applied, Air Released
ControlElectric switch in cab
Electrical System
Voltage12 V
Alternator Output130 A
Standard GaugesEngine Oil Pressure
Engine Water/Cylinder
Head TemperatureFuel Tank Level, Torque Converter Oil Temperature, Transmission Clutch Pressure, Voltmeter, Hourmeter, Air Pressure
Warning LightsLow Engine Oil Pressure, High Engine Water or High Head Temperature and Cooling Fan V-belt Failure, Low Air Pressure, Alternator Not Charging
Battery760 Cold Cranking Amps with Disconnect Switch.
Engine Air Intake System
TypeDry, Two Stage (Centrifugal Precleaner, Paper Main Element) with safety element
Restriction IndicatorStandard, Mounted alongside air cleaner
Fuel System
Tank Capacity50 gal
FiltersSpin on Primary Strainer and Spin on Secondary Filter
Hydraulic System
Reservoir75 Gallon with Removable Cleanout Cover and Padlockable Filler Capacity
Suction Strainers100 Mesh Strainers Mounted in the Hydraulic Tank on Each Pump Suction Line
Primary PumpDouble section gear type, direct driven from accessory drive on torque converter. Supplies oil flow for Boom, Attachment, and Hi-rail functions.
Secondary PumpDouble section vane type, direct driven from accessory drive on torque converter. Supplies oil flow for Steering and Remote controls.
Control Valves
PrimaryTwo spool, hydraulic pilot operated with built in relief valve
SecondaryThree spool, hydraulic pilot operated with built in relief valve
ControlsLow Effort Hydraulic Remote Controls for Boom Lift, Boom Swing, Attachment Tilt, and Auxiliary Attachment.
Boom Lift2 Double acting with Holding Valves
Attachment Tilt1 Double acting with Holding Valves
Filtersin Tank Mounted, return line cartridge type, 10 micron nominally rated element
SwivelAir, Hydraulic & Electric
Swing Drives Systems
Type DriveHydraulic Motor, Planetary Gear Box, double Chain and double Sprocket
Rotation360 degree continuous
SpeedEquivalent to 2.0 rpm
Machines General Dimensions
Weight44000 lbs. (Base machine without Hi-rail)
Chassis Length214 in
Chassis Width96 in
Chassis Width Over Tires102 in
Height136 in
Max. Travel Speeds (MPH on Rubber Tires)
Forward and ReverseLow RangeHigh Range