SM Custom Rail Solutions

Swingmaster provides turnkey engineering and manufacturing solutions for all your railway applications.  Our in-house design and engineering department has a full range of services and support to ensure that your industrial railroad project is successful.

Engineering services include design of: Custom engineered solutions for railroad hurdles like:

  • Destressing Rail
  • Improved Spike Puller Workheads
  • Improved Tray Heads

Swingmaster Improved
Spike Puller Workhead

Swingmaster Improved
Tray Heads

Design, Manufacture and Integrate

The Swingmaster engineering team has all the tools necessary to design and implement all industry standard, and custom Railway challenges.

From initial concept to final design completion, testing and adherence to special customer specifications, the Swingmaster design team is a self-supporting, in-house, experienced and successful resource.

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SM Custom Rail Solutions

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